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Procaster - our standard flagship transmitter Line level audio input
Procaster AM Transmitter System 1
Procaster transmitter with self-contained MP3 flash drive player Ideal for broadcasting repeating information Line level auxilliary audio input
Procaster AM Transmitter with Flashdrive Player System 2
Procaster AM Transmitter with Internet Connectivity System 3
Re-broadcast Internet streaming radio stations over the air Connect multiple transmitters together over the Internet
 Broadcast to any AM radio using the Procaster AM Transmitter No broadcast license required!
Sturdy Construction The Procaster uses a solid machined aluminum enclosure with stainless steel hardware for a long corrosion-free life. The included side-mounted 104in  aluminum antenna uses dual mounts for extra rigidity to resist bending and stays vertical even in the strongest of winds for optimum transmission. The lightweight design of the entire system makes for an easy install and light mast loading.
Full Range Hi-Fi Sound Featuring low distortion hi-fi sound with superb low bass response and BIG FULL sound just like commercial broadcast stations.  Performance exceeds most AM radio receivers.
Built-in PLL Quartz Synthesizer Choose from multiple broadcast channel frequencies. This allows you to select the quietest channel in your listening area for best range without having to order different crystals.
Built-in Audio Processor No need to purchase additional complicated and expensive audio processors and signal conditioners. The Procaster includes built-in audio processing and limiting, saving you hundreds in additional equipment costs and reducing installation space. Sound dynamics can be easily tailored to suit your listening preference and best of all, it's simple to set up with no technical knowledge required.
Built-in Tuning Meter Forget about complicated jumper selection and calculations. Tuning the antenna is a snap with the built-in tuning meter. Simply adjust the antenna trimmer using the included tuning tool and observe a maximum reading on the meter. Intuitive and straighforward.
Automatic Power Control System No need to get technical trying to calculate and adjust the power to meet FCC legal requirments. Our power control system automatically adjusts for varying weather conditions and maintains maximum permitted power.
Easy-to-use Systems We understand that not everyone is a technical whiz. Our mission is to turn complicated things into easy-to-setup products that work for you. We include everything you need in the box so that your experience is a good one!
Made Right Here in North America! The Procaster system is a quality product designed, manufactured and supported in North America and is built to last. We believe it is the easiest to set up AM transmitter system available on the market today.
Popular Applications... Local community radio Retirement communities Churches Hospitals Car Parks Schools Marinas Campgrounds Businesses Builders Truck depots Shipping ports Border control Historic sites Hobby broadcasting Emergency broadcasting
Under special regulations from the FCC and Industry Canada, you are allowed to legally use the AM band to broadcast any content such as music, talk, information, advertising etc. As the manufacturer, we have obtained an umbrella license (so that you don’t have to) that allows license-free broadcasting using low power and limited range. The Procaster has advanced features built in and the same quality sound as commercial broadcasters.
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